P a t e n t    B u r e a u


Offers You the following services:

- Trade-marks registration and registration of products origin
- Processing of inventions' applications, industrial and utility desings, and their registrations both in the Czech Republic and abroad
- Agency for both inland and foreign firms at the Patent and Trademark Office
- Agency, advisory services and consultations in the field of questions and disputes of the Patent, Copyright and Commercial Law, passing-off the goods
- Selecting and protecting commercial name
- Licence, trade and copyright agreements
- Expert opinions in the field of the industrial law
- Patent, mark and literary researches
- Evaluating intellectual property
- EAN bar code for your products


Patent Attorney and Authorized Expert
Ing. Zdeněk Kučera
P.O. BOX 92
Padělky 548
763 15  Slušovice

e-mail: patin@patin.cz

tel./fax: +420 577 982 016
mobil:   +420 777 226 050